About the Product

The origami balloon folding design allows for the light to be flat packed and provides easy transport. The small opening at one end of the Product Light allows for in Puff of air to inflate the balloon into a soft cubic form, This may also be folded up again for transport when necessary.

Product Being Opened

The Product provides light for 8-10 hours after 4-5 hours of charging in direct sunlight. It has a built-in light sensor for an automatic “ON” and “OFF” function and manual shut off. It is lightweight and easily transported in a purse or pocket, and can be easily packed by the hundreds for emergency relief situations.

Economic Development: Company Name.
we realize the best weapon for change to occur in the world is education and economic development. In order to sell the solar puff to areas that need it the most, we are partnering with local distribution and manufacturing centers in local regions to create jobs and vocational training.


Despite low-income levels, many families willingly spend a significant portion of their income on kerosene fuel and other lighting devices. Solar Puff users are able to completely replace kerosene lamps and flashlights with this solar light. In the typical home, the Solar Puff can be used in the early morning for chores such as cooking and tending to farm animals. At night, it can be used for homework and for visiting and socializing with neighbors.

For small businesses, the Product is a better source of lighting for vendors selling goods in the evening. It can also float and is waterproof, making it ideal for fishermen.

Materials Intelligence Project is working in Haiti and Nigeria for the Pilot
While governments are working to increase access to electricity, the global population is growing faster than the rate of electrification. It is expensive, and sometimes technically infeasible to provide electrification to many areas.

Even when electricity does reach a village or town, potential customers may be asked to pay steep fees in order to establish service. For many households, this makes grid connection an impossible dream.

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