Fran Schwartz - Graphic, Web Designer, and Illustrator

Welcome to my portfolio.

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I am a Graphic, Web Designer and Illustrator living in New York City.

I'm always on the lookout for projects small or large. So please contact me if you need my services!

As a Website Designer, I adapt code to create elegantly designed CSS and XHTML, with or without the assistance of Dreamweaver!

Please check out my portfolio to get a better idea of my work, just click on the framed images.

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Paige City Life

Here is a working example of one of my recent Web Designs for a Magazine type website. The code was based on a Wordpress design. It was completely revamped and restyled for my cllents. I also included custom designed Graphic, Flash and Video assets for them, to make the site engaging and interactive.


Graphics Gallery

These are examples of graphic assets, including Identity, Branding, Typography I have created. They were created using various software in Adobe Creative Suite CS4. I also use Quark, Flash and and PowerPoint.


Mootools Gallery

This is an example of one of the ways I can use AJAX (JavaScript) to create an interactive gallery. The Polaroid images rotate when clicked, mimicking the shuffling action of photos. Images can also be replaced by graphic blocks of text. Try it out, click on the "AJAX" Polaroids to see the design in action!

Flash Gallery

Screenshot Gallery

These are Screengrabs/Screenshots of pages I have designed. These images represent pages which are are fully functional, and some which are samples of designs I created.

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Elysium Woven Jewels

Jewelry Gallery showcases: Couture, Made To Order, Bridal.

I also create high-end, made to order jewelry which incorporate precious, semi-precious stones and/or pearls "woven" with precious metal wire. Prices are based on materials and labor. Take a look!


Digital Illustration

Adobe PhotoShop, and Illustrator

This gallery showcases digital graphic paintings and Illustration created with Adobe software. My background as a non-digital graphic designer and illustrator allows me to create intricate and beautifully rendered images. You can see some examples of my non-digital work in the last gallery.


Underwater Sculpture

Digital Illustration Typography and Video

I created this page to showcase the brilliant work of British Sculptor Jason de Caires Taylor. I used a video from YouTube to embed into the page using a Longtail Video player and skin to enhance the look of the page and message of the showcase.


Non-Digital Illustration and Painting

Here are some examples of my work as a non-digital illustrator. I have mastered using most artist's media, but I prefer using the most current software to create this type of work.

What sets me apart from most other designers, is my ability to utilize my skill sets as a painter and illustrator to deliver extremely well executed digital work. As you can see, I am highly proficient in the use and manipulation of color, layout, typography and design.

You can contact me here@: